Why Men Need Preening Too

Why Men Need Preening Too

It used to be a top-secret mission for men that wanted to look well-groomed. Nowadays though, men go beyond the barbershop without sneaking around to look their best. Men’s grooming is more than just a proper shave and a haircut. If you want to dress to impress for that big job, look confident for a new client, or make her swoon, there are some things you should do to get that style of yours down pat.


Some old-school barbershops offered buffing and polishing of men’s nails for a natural sheen. Now this practice has become more mainstream. Having hands that look cared-for and strong is handsome. Today’s man knows this.


The same can be said of a man’s feet. In warm and sunny clients like we have in Florida, men tend to don sandals a lot more often. Being a man is no excuse for having unsightly feet. Tending to them expertly can make all the difference.

Brow shaping

Brows frame the face, and if you have one long eyebrow, that’s a bit much. Men can do with a little preening on the brows to help make two distinctive brows and create a stronger (or even less formidable) appearance. Our brow stylist can help with that and make you look more dashing than ever.

Hair removal

Society has trained us to believe men should be hairy, or at least that hair on a man isn’t something to scoff at. That is unless the hair is in certain places. Long nose hairs are never attractive. Don’t turn up to pitch a new client like that or no matter how good you are, they will only focus on the errant hairs in your nostrils. The same can be said of ear hair. No one wants to go out with a werewolf.

Skin Essentials is happy to have you back to handsome again. Schedule an appointment with us and we’ll take care of the rest. Stubborn husband or boyfriend? Send him in. We’ll fix him up for you!

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