The Dangers of Using Expired Makeup

The Dangers of Using Expired Makeup

We have all done it. We’ve clung to a makeup palette ages after it’s expired because we spent way too much on it and love the colors. Expiration dates on makeup are as important as they are on food though because makeup expires and when it does, it can leave a lot of ugliness in its wake.

When Good Makeup Goes Bad

So you’ve pulled out your mascara to discover the expiration date has come and gone but it isn’t dry, flakey or cakey. Can it really be THAT bad for you? Sure, you probably toss stuff that’s dried out but if it looks fine, is it a big deal? The experts say it’s not a pretty scenario if you continue with this bad habit.

One big example is the efficiency of the active ingredients, like SPF in your foundation. As time wears on, that SPF isn’t as strong and can’t protect you as well. Things that contain salicylic acid also break down in time and aren’t as effective as they normally would be.

What Expired Makeup Does to Skin

The things that makeup is created out of change over time. Those molecules turn into something else that can cause a reaction. That reaction will appear as inflammation in the form of bumps, rashes, blisters, swelling, and redness. That’s not exactly the look you’re going for, is it?

But it gets grosser than that. Expired makeup can be a home for bacteria. Slather it on your skin and that bacteria gets into your skin to create acne-like bumps from foundations or creams. For eye makeup, the danger of pink eye becomes even worse. Lipstick that is expired may result in swelling, and not in the plumped-up sultry lips-type of way.

General Makeup Expiration Rules

Always go through your makeup to ensure it’s current. Mascara should be replaced every 3 months. Eyeliner and eyeshadows need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months. Lipstick can survive for 1.5 years. Foundations, powders and other facial makeup types like blushes and bronzers usually last 12 months.

If you’re not sure, look at the packaging of your products. It should state how long it’s good for. If you can’t remember when you bought it though, it might be time to throw it out. It’s no fun to toss out products that have expired but holding onto them is much worse. Next time you shop for makeup, don’t get carried away. Buy only what you need or else that’s money, and product, down the drain.

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