Primping for a special event or simply wanting to look your most polished every day? Skin Essentials presents manicures that go beyond painting your nails to give you an invigorated and lavish experience. Indulge in our comfortable chair and delight in the pampering pleasures of having your hands and nails cared for with ultimate precision. We’ll help you relax and feel like you’re in an oasis all your own as we expertly attend to your hands.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It all depends on how you live your life. If you want your nails to always look perfect, you should get a manicure once a week. If you’re more active, you can do polish touch-ups at your leisure at home and come in for professional manicures every two weeks.

Between manicures, you can treat yourself to a gentle exfoliation with a salt scrub followed by a hand lotion, ideally with sun protection. For nails that are graced with tips, gels, wraps, or are sculptured, use botanical products on hands and nails to protect them.

In general, they will last anywhere from one week to two weeks. It depends on how quickly your nails grow and how active you are. It also depends on the type of polish used. For example, gel polishes tend to have more staying power.

It’s more than just getting your nails painted. You could do that at home! We elevate the experience with an indulgent moisturizing hand treatment, cuticle care and moisturization, nail prep and a perfect polish.  We use top of the line nail polishes which contain no formaldehyde and are designed to be very healthy for the natural nail. 

Spa Manicures


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  • Signature manicure $25

    includes polish removal, finger soaking, nail shaping, cuticle care, massage and polish/lacquer

  • Deluxe manicure $28

    includes everything in a Signature Spa Manicure plus your choice of either a hand or foot treatment

  • Sports manicure for men $18

    hands are nurtured with proper grooming then nails are buffed to a shine

  • On the go mani & pedi $48

    a basic manicure and pedicure includes nail shaping, buffing and polish/lacquer (no soaking)

  • Signature nail system $38

    a dipping method healthy alternative system to acrylic nails. SNS offers vitamin fortified powders that are odorless, need no primer or uv light for curing. (Vitamins included in the system are: (calcium and vitamin e, vitamin a, d3 and b5 to help the nail bed grow stronger and thicker)

  • Gel manicure $35

    another healthy alternative to acrylic nails. A uv gel polish is applied to the natural nail and cured under an led light lasting longer than regular polish/lacquer. French ~ additional $5 soak off ~ additional $5

  • Full Set Sculpted Nails $45

    All artificial nail enhancement services include dry manicures

  • Hand & foot rejuvenation $65

    a deluxe mani and pedi combination with your hands and feet wrapped in warm towels infused with lavender essential oil. Massage and polish/lacquer

Add-on Services

  • Polish change $10

    (No soaking)

  • French polish $5
  • Nail Art

    Price Varies

  • Paraffin $12
  • Nail Repairs $7

    1 nail on any enhancement

  • Nail Repairs $3

    1 nail wrap on natural nail

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